These 8 Famous And Beautiful Celebrities Gave Birth To Their Twins


Many celebrity actresses, singers and personalities are mothers who gave birth to their twins. From well-known superstar celebrities to less-recognized historical and political figures, mothers of multiples are everywhere. Genes are amazing. And sometimes one of the parents is nowhere to be seen in the features of the child like with these mother-daughter pairs. These famous mothers might as well gave birth to their twins. Here are the list of 9 famous and beautiful celebrities who gave birth to their twins.

1. Angelina Jolie And Shiloh

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2. Christina Milian And Violet Madison

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3. Goldie Hawn And Kate

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 4. Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple Martin

86174, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Friday October 26, 2012. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin take their children Moses and Apple to school in Los Angeles. Gwyneth held hands with a dressed up Apple, 7, while Chris walked behind them with their 5 year old son. Photograph: Pedro Andrade/KVS, © **FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE** **E-TABLET/IPAD & MOBILE PHONE APP PUBLISHING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL FEES** LOS ANGELES OFFICE: 1 310 822 0419 LONDON OFFICE: +44 208 090 4079

5. Julianne Moore & Liv

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 6. Jessica Simpson And Maxwell Drew

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 7. Meryl Streep and  Mamie

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 8. Madonna And Lourdes

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