These 11 Photos That Tells You The Story Of Two Different Types of Indias That Exist Together


1. Skilled India And Intellectual India together-exists-indians-bajiroo- (1)

2. Western influences and influential traditions

together-exists-indians-bajiroo- (2)

3. Difference of chai waalas and an India of multinational coffee shops

together-exists-indians-bajiroo- (3)

4. Shopper’s paradise and shop In paradise

together-exists-indians-bajiroo- (4)

5. India of past glories and an India marching towards a glorious future.

together-exists-indians-bajiroo- (5)

6. India of ancient wisdom and an India of modern expertise

together-exists-indians-bajiroo- (6)

7.An India of adepting doctors and an India of proficient healers

together-exists-indians-bajiroo- (7)

8. India of natural wonders and man made wonders.

together-exists-indians-bajiroo- (8)

9. An India of fertile earth and an India of nurturing waters.

together-exists-indians-bajiroo- (9)

10. An India of Crying for rain and cursed by the rains.

together-exists-indians-bajiroo- (10)

11. An India of sweet salvation and spicy seduction.

together-exists-indians-bajiroo- (11)

Source: Scoop Whoop