These 11 Incredible Art Of Anatomize Knit Creatures Created By Emily Stoneking


Not everyone gets to do frog dissection in school, and thank God for that. However, Emily Stoneking makes aKNITomy, adorable knitted animal dissections. The soft body, the fluffy innards, the skin flaps – just like at school, but without any of the gore, slime or smell of formaldehyde. And unlike the real thing, these dissections can be displayed in the living room. If you have a visceral or ethical problem with animal dissection, Stoneking’s artwork also can potentially help you learn about what makes animals tick without making you hurl or cry. Check out these amazing 11 pictures of anatomize knit.

amazing-creativity-of-crochet-knit-made-by-emily-stoneking-pics-pictures-images-photos (1)