The 9 World’s Most Lavish Presents For Billionaires


While most of us will be happy with a DVD, t-shirt or perhaps a nice new watch from our loved ones. It is time to frame your brains, image gift guides and think of exclusive gift thoughts for friends and intimate. Here are the 9 best list of world’s most lavish presents for billionaires.

1. Amour, Amour Dog Collar

The Amour Amour dog collar weighs in at 52 carats and is encrusted with 1,600 diamonds

2. Dancing Fountains

world's-amazing-gift-for-billionaires-pics-pictures-images-photos (1)

3. Dolce & Gabbana’s DG2027B Sunglasses

world's-amazing-gift-for-billionaires-pics-pictures-images-photos (2)

4. Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry Collection

world's-amazing-gift-for-billionaires-pics-pictures-images-photos (3)

5. Fitted Kitchen By Marazzi Design

world's-amazing-gift-for-billionaires-pics-pictures-images-photos (4)

6. Heels By Christopher Michael Shellis

world's-amazing-gift-for-billionaires-pics-pictures-images-photos (5)

7. Project Utopia

world's-amazing-gift-for-billionaires-pics-pictures-images-photos (6)

8. Rent Abramovich’s Gigayacht Eclipse

world's-amazing-gift-for-billionaires-pics-pictures-images-photos (7)

9. Virgin Oceanic

world's-amazing-gift-for-billionaires-pics-pictures-images-photos (8)Source: Mostexpensivelist