The 8 Realistic Posters That highlight Some Stupid Indians Logic


1. Caught in the act of prostitution 

stupid-indians-logic-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (1)

2. Difference between slut and stud 

stupid-indians-logic-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (2)

3. Real man definition 

stupid-indians-logic-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (3)

4. What the concern should be and what it is

stupid-indians-logic-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (4)

5. Its allowed to pissing in the public but not kissing 

stupid-indians-logic-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (5)

6. When cricketers win and trophy and when other sports man win a trophy 

stupid-indians-logic-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (6)

7. Its not allowed to talk to a stranger but its ok to marry one 

stupid-indians-logic-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (7)

8. Definition of classy and slut 

stupid-indians-logic-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (8)

Image Source: Being Satan