The 16 Most Cute Pictures Of Rats On The Commemoration Of World Rat Day


In celebration of World Rat Day, we’ve decided to show you that pet rats can be the cutest animals ever. All true fans of the pet rat know that these dear, sweet animals deserve greater recognition and admiration, and that their image suffers from ignorance and unthinking prejudice. World Rat Day can be a day to win back some respect to rats through positive promotion, or at the very least. 

                                                                         World Rat Day greeting cards will surely make their way around the globe and in to the homes and hands of many grateful rats, although nobody can say whether they will be cherished or shredded. Domestic rats, however, groom themselves just as much as cats do. Rats are also incredible at learning tricks quickly. Check out these  cute pictures of rats.

cute-adorable-photography-of-rats-on-the-celebration-of-world-rats-day-pics-pictures-images-photos (2)