The 14 Dumbest Questions Ever Asked By The Idiot People


1. Is it safe too listen to electronic music??funny-fun-lol-stupid-questions-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (1)

2.  Is first degree murder in Fahrenheit or Celsius?

funny-fun-lol-stupid-questions-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (2)

3. Is infertility hereditary?

funny-fun-lol-stupid-questions-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (3)

4. Why is Antarctica at the bottom of the earth? 

funny-fun-lol-stupid-questions-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (4)

5. If shoelaces always untie and headphones always tangle, why don’t we use headphones and shoelaces for headphones wire?

funny-fun-lol-stupid-questions-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (5)

6. Cold war 

funny-fun-lol-stupid-questions-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (6)

7. Meteors always land in craters?

funny-fun-lol-stupid-questions-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (7)

8. coconut mammals

funny-fun-lol-stupid-questions-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (8)

9. Olive garden offer unlimited salad bread sticks? 

funny-fun-lol-stupid-questions-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (9)

10. Overcook food 

funny-fun-lol-stupid-questions-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (10)

11. How do i bake something for 3 minutes?

funny-fun-lol-stupid-questions-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (11)

12. How do I bipolar people manage to be at both sides of the earth at once? 

funny-fun-lol-stupid-questions-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (12)

13. Can fish get high off of seaweed?

funny-fun-lol-stupid-questions-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (13)

14. How is mercury a liquid at room temperature, yet a large solid when orbiting close to the Sun?

funny-fun-lol-stupid-questions-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (14)

Source: Acidcow