The 14 Depressed Facts About Animals You Probably Didn’t Know


Here are the list of 14 super dpressing facts about animals.

1. A group of seagulls is called a wreck.

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2. A sea turtle will never meet its mother.

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3. Cicadas spend up to 17 years underground.

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4. Female ferrets will die if they don’t find a mate.

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5. Garden lizards have been known to eat their own tails for calcium.

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6. Jellyfish evaporate in sunlight.

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7. Like octopi, foxes spend most of their lives alone.

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8. Mice can sense sadness in other mice which makes them sad too.

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9. Some captive bears have been known to intentionally starve themselves to death.

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10. Starving mice will eat themselves.

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11. The first bomb dropped by the Allies on Berlin during WWII killed the only elephant in the zoo.

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12. To provide footballs for one NFL season, it requires over 3,000 cows.

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13. While mice eat themselves out of hunger, octopi do so out of stress.

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14. Wolves have been known to chew off their own legs if they get caught in a trap.

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