The 11 Things Old People Regrets Before They Die


1. I wish i’d scared less about what other people think.things-old-people-regret-before-they-die-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (1)2. I wish i could felt happier.

things-old-people-regret-before-they-die-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (2)3. I wish i’d done more for other people.

things-old-people-regret-before-they-die-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (3)

4. i wish i hadn’t taken myself so seriously.

things-old-people-regret-before-they-die-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (4)

5. I wish i’d appreciated____more. 

things-old-people-regret-before-they-die-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (5)

6. I wish i’d had more time.

things-old-people-regret-before-they-die-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (6)

7. I wish i’d taken better care of myself.

things-old-people-regret-before-they-die-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (7)

8. I wish i’d trusted my gut rather than listening to everyone else.

things-old-people-regret-before-they-die-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (8)

9. I wish i have  worked less.

things-old-people-regret-before-they-die-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (9)

10. I wish our last conversation hadn’t been an argument. 


11. I wish i had follow my dreams
things-old-people-regret-before-they-die-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (11)

Source: Acidcow