The 11 Amazing Art Of Space Aspect Made From Coffee And Cookie


Dina takes inanimate objects and truly make them come to life using this wonderful little thing we like to call imagination. The stories that each of her photos tell us is so intriguing. In her work you can clearly see a mixture of amazing photography skills and a crazy amount of creativity. Here are the 11 amazing art of space aspect made from coffee and cookie.

1. Betelgeuse Travel Corp


2. From The Sun To Betelgeuse

For Top 11: What to Pack for Space Vacation? 1. Galaxy map. You don't want to get lost, do you?  2. Cookies. To show your peaceful intentions. 3. Breathing gas. Just a precaution. 4. Sunglasses. Stars are much, much brighter, if you're near them. 5. Asteroid. You cannot find a better souvenir. 6. Sketchbook. You will have a chance to draw Betelgeuse from nature. 7. Food. Special, healthy, balanced food. 8. Towel. Oh, come on! That's classic! 9. Compass. To barter for something really useful from natives. 10. Cup. There's nothing better then a cup of hot coffee. 11. Couple of favourite books. You just need them.

3. Galactic Delivery Service

Galactic delivery service (Endless Book)

4. Late Guests


5. Map-marked stars

Map-marked stars (Endless Book)

6. Puff Pastry With Stardust


7. Sugar Nebula


8. Supernova on plate


9. Tea With UFO


10. UFO Logbook

UFO Logbook

11. Back To Earth


Source: Diyphotography