Posting On Facebook Is A Crime.OMG ! Don’t Believe? Must Read..


1. Anthony Stancl was sentence to 15 years in prison after blackmailing 30 of his classmates with the picture and massage they send him when posed as (1)

2. Shannon D. Jackson was arresting for poking a woman she was legally forbidden from making any sort of contact with him.

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3. The parents of little Genesis Sims were caught by incriminating Facebook massage they sent.

post-law-trouples-facebook-victims-pics-images-photos-pictures- (3)

4. Denise New was convicted of a misdemeanor after harassing her son via Facebook page.

post-law-trouples-facebook-victims-pics-images-photos-pictures- (4)

5. Authorities arrest an American couple in the Bahamas for posting pictures of a rare iguana.

post-law-trouples-facebook-victims-pics-images-photos-pictures- (5)

6. Mathew Woods was sentenced to 3 months in jail after making numerous inappropriate comments about missing children.

post-law-trouples-facebook-victims-pics-images-photos-pictures- (6)

7. Victor Burgos criminal on the most wanted list was arrested after posting catch me if you can on Facebook.

post-law-trouples-facebook-victims-pics-images-photos-pictures- (7)

8. Mark Dizon was arrested in the Philippines after eyewitness were able to to identify him based on his Facebook picture.

post-law-trouples-facebook-victims-pics-images-photos-pictures- (8)

9. Australia Nate Shaw was charged with being found on police property without lawful excuse after posting this picture on Facebook.

post-law-trouples-facebook-victims-pics-images-photos-pictures- (9)

10. A young mother was arrested after posting a picture of her infant child holding drug paraphernalia.

post-law-trouples-facebook-victims-pics-images-photos-pictures- (10)

11. Aspiring rapper Cameron was arrested after posting lyrics that were interpreted by authorities as threats on Facebook.

post-law-trouples-facebook-victims-pics-images-photos-pictures- (11)

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