In 10 Photos You Can Feel Faith In Humanity Is Still Alive


1. Pile of blankets for homeless peoplehumanity-still-alive-pics-images-photos-pictures- (1)

2. Friends and neighbors make home for stray cat.

humanity-still-alive-pics-images-photos-pictures- (2)

3.  My daughter was leaving work in the pouring rian and noticed the car next to her had left the window down this is what she did.

humanity-still-alive-pics-images-photos-pictures- (3)

4. Winner of Looser doesn’t matter.

humanity-still-alive-pics-images-photos-pictures- (4)

5. Mosque in cold lake, Canada graffitied with go home massage.

humanity-still-alive-pics-images-photos-pictures- (5)

6. I am not lost.

humanity-still-alive-pics-images-photos-pictures- (6)

7. Every locker with anti suicide massage.

humanity-still-alive-pics-images-photos-pictures- (7)

8. Helpful kid amazing idea for no mommy kids.

humanity-still-alive-pics-images-photos-pictures- (8)

9. Little free library.

humanity-still-alive-pics-images-photos-pictures- (9)

10. I am at home coming dinner with 18 high scholars in bend and someone randomly paid $360 and Left $60 dollars tip.

humanity-still-alive-pics-images-photos-pictures- (10)

Source: Acidcow