10 Lies That Teachers Ever Told In The Class To Their Students And What It Means Actually


1. That is not funny at all!funny-fun-lol-teaches-lies-in-class-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (1)

2. I see you as a student of huge potential.

funny-fun-lol-teaches-lies-in-class-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (2)

3. I’m just going to wait until you all calm down. 

funny-fun-lol-teaches-lies-in-class-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (3)

4. You have a great future lying ahead of you. 

funny-fun-lol-teaches-lies-in-class-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (4)

5. You really impressed me with your last assignment 

funny-fun-lol-teaches-lies-in-class-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (5)

6. I know the difference 

funny-fun-lol-teaches-lies-in-class-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (6)

7. I’m looking forward to reading your brilliant essays!

funny-fun-lol-teaches-lies-in-class-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (7)

8. I promise this test will be very easy for you to cope with. 

funny-fun-lol-teaches-lies-in-class-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (8)

9. It’s a very important book you should read to have a profund understand of this subject

funny-fun-lol-teaches-lies-in-class-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (9)

10. I never discuss your surreal excuses 

funny-fun-lol-teaches-lies-in-class-pics-images-photos-pictures-bajiroo- (10)

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